Athens and Greece Special Tours

If you are looking for that extra touch to your private tour then the customized Athens and Greece special tours by executivetaxi are the answer to your inquiry. Whether you are newlyweds and looking for a couple of romantic overnights into your trip or for a “walking the city” activity or for a food tasting session or even for a fun activity designed especially for kids we can offer you the best available solution.

You only need to contact us and in a few words to let us know about your group structure, your dreamed moments and your budget. In a friendly interactive process we will try to set up a series of experiences to respond to your requirements. This is not a one off shot. We propose and then you consider and evaluate the pros and cons of the proposal and then we go round and round, again and again, until you are fully satisfied with the final proposal.

Trust executivetaxi special tours and have an experience to treasure forever.