Athens Private Tours

Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Neoclassical and modern times blend nicely together through the centuries and shape what Athens is today. Trace the influences of each distinct era and understand the modern lifestyle of Athenians and the city’s landscape. Check out the Athens Private Tours offered by executivetaxi to find the tour that best fits to your time plans and desires.

Follow the Panathenaic procession through the Propylaea up at the Acropolis hill and learn about the Athena and Poseidon contest besides the Erechtheum before ending your steps in front of the Parthenon. Step at the Mars Hill and watch Apostle Paul preaching the Athenians. Watch the first tragedies and comedies plays at the ancient theatre of Dionysus.  Follow the traces of the Romans touch at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the Temple of Zeus and the Hadrian’s gate. Feel the mystique at the numerous churches dated back in Byzantine times and check the blending with the Ottoman era’s distinct architecture and lifestyle. Admire the Neoclassical architectural achievements of the revived modern Athens city. Taste, smell and feel the today’s Athenian lifestyle and don’t forget to pay a visit to the Poseidon and his temple at the very tip of the Cape Sounion during the sunset hours.

Tour Athens with executivetaxi and have an experience to treasure forever.